Giant Red Dragon


Don’t mess with him.


A Great Fyrewyrm, the eldest and largest of his race to ever live. A friend to dwarves, who he referred to as “little brothers,” Garadoth was also the teacher of the Elf (and Dwarf-friend) Frendolar, the greatest fire magi known to history, and only known non-elemental being to master the secrets of true high elemental fire. Late in his life Garadoth slept for many generations of men before finally being awakened from his slumber by what he termed “a great disturbance.” He spoke with Trevor, Walter Hammerson, Mitchell Valentine, and Torvald Thorson when they stumbled upon his cavern. Garadoth aided them in attacking the goblins who had recently driven the Red Hammer Clan from their Dwarrowheim. Garadoth’s purpose was to stop golbin dark ritualists from summoning forth an undead drake. He was too late to stop the summoning, but with the help of an Elemental Light Drake summoned by Trevor, Garadoth was able to defeat the undead dragon. Garadoth was mortally wounded in the process, and gratefully gave up his corporeal body and returned to the Plane of Fire. His last act on this plane was to thank Trevor and his companions by granting Trevor a vial of his blood, which was pure elemental fire.


the Rotaran Campaign, 3.0 Korr